Custom Key Tags


single card four plastic keytagsThe average U.S. household belongs to 12 customer loyalty programs. Whether it’s a grocery card, a library card, or a club member card, half of all Americans use some form of customer loyalty cards each and every day. Loyalty programs are structured marketing efforts that reward loyal buying behavior to your benefit.

Hotels, airlines, retail and more understand the value of membership, which is why plastic loyalty cards are the third most frequent card produced in America after ATM and credit cards. A recent AC Nielsen Survey showed 64% of Americans said their shopping decisions are effected by customer loyalty card programs.

As one of the fastest growing areas of the plastic card industry, loyalty cards add worth to membership. Plastic loyalty cards market your business to the individuals who use it, and others that see it, free advertising in a wallet or on a key chain. Customer loyalty cards are also useful data gathering tools that equip retailers with the ability to enhance customer service based on actual shopping habits.

plastic key tag combinations


• Durable 30 mil layered plastic material
• Thick laminate over print
• In-line addressing and variable imaging
• High quality commercial print
• Complete fulfillment
• Quantities of 500 up to a million +
• Quick turn times


• Durable plastic card withstands the wear and tear
• We offer barcode imaging and endcoded magnetic stripes
• Sealed laminate to ensure strength and performance
• Variable graphics allow for a 1 to 1 marketing promotion
• Detachable card can be used as a tracking device


• Reward Cards
• Frequent Shopper
• Gift Cards
• Hang Tags

Download Custom Key Tag Templates

Please follow the guidelines specified on the Design File Preparation Guide and use one of the appropriate templates below. Each template package includes Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign files.*

Design File Preparation Guide

*Contact SSI for custom postcard design specifications.


60 locations, high end restaurant offered $25 incentive with over 10% redemption.

“My Company and I used the SSI Acclaim mailer and we saw an amazing return on investment.  In an economy like the one we are living in, we were looking for a direct mail piece that gave the impression of casual upscale dining without looking like a cheap coupon.  The value was picked up in the offer and the reputation of our restaurant was carried through the look of the mailer. The piece was beautifully done and sent out in an appropriate and timely manner.  I had great customer service while ordering the mailer and both parties stayed on course to hit our deadline.  When I choose to do another mail piece, I will not hesitate to return to SSI again.”*

-Restaurants Marketing Coordinator

*The total number redeemed was 8,057 for an additional revenue of almost $150,000


Smiling Expressions

We mailed 30,000 cards. Our cards had 2 different offers on them. One offer was $500 off Implants and Wisdom Extractions the other offer was $1500 off Invisalign Braces On the first day the post cards hit homes we had 7 calls. Overall 60 cards have been redeemed the first 2 weeks of the campaign which we typically only get maybe 15 redeemed when we do a paper postcard. We will definitely buy from SSI again.

-Devin Gilliand


Women’s Clothing

Women’s Retail Chain with 770 stores acquired a list of consumers outside their database of current customers. We mailed 437,000 postcards in and had a 12% response rate! They have been doing monthly mailings of approximately 90,000 since.  Their average response rate is consistently always 10 to 15%.



“We mailed 20,000 cards per month for 5 months. The offer was to encourage people to sign up for our Rewards Program. We averaged 50% redemption each month for our rewards program sign-up. We will purchase more cards in the future.”

-Terri Mcnutt