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Hanging Display Gift Card

Gift Cards

Gift Cards are the perfect way to grow your customers base and keep them coming back. Our Teslin cards are the most visually striking and durable products on the market.

Mailer with Pizza Shape pop out

Plastic Post Cards

With redemption rates 4 to 100 times higher than traditional postcards, the Acclaim Mailer is the single most effective ROI vehicle around. When combined with an SSI Cards loyalty program, a Mammoth ROI is spawned.

Loyalty-Rewards wallet card and 2 key tags

Reward/Loyalty Cards

A “walking billboard” for rewards promotions. Our Teslin cards and key tags can be paired with the Acclaim Mailer. Increasing not only the number of customer visits, but the amount spent during those visits, this potent combo becomes a Mammoth ROI.

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"I am blown away by the classy upscale presentation of the Acclaim Mailer. It is a far superior marketing piece than the typical paper mailer and anything else I have seen."—Northeast Restaurant and Bar

Four locations mailed 200,000 pieces, 4 drops over 4 weeks, overall redemption percentage was 32.7%. Notables within the campaign, week 2 saw over 41% redemption. The next focus was a mailer to only the 32.7% to see how those customers, proven susceptible ...

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“The Acclaim needs a warning label. Be careful what you offer in this bionic postcard, as it will be seen and could create such an influx of business it changes how you manage your stores.”—Regional Appliance Retail Chain

This regional appliance retail chain mailed over 800,0000 Acclaim mailers and faced operational challenges because of its effectiveness. They were overwhelmed at the 100% response and have addressed operational adjustments in order to manage this. The incredible response ...

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“I definitely would recommend other restaurant owners to try the Acclaim Mailer. By far, it is one of the most effective direct mail marketing pieces I have ever used. My first test was 10,000 pieces that targeted 2 locations. This mailer yielded a 15% redemption rate.”—New Mexico Pizza Restaurant Owner
"We’ve been working with SSI since 2012 and we’ve been extremely happy with their customer service as well as the quality of their plastic gift cards. I think it has added another level to our direct mail program with a distinct upscale look and producing a successful 8-12% redemption rate. The quality & service has always been consistent, affording us an opportunity to improve sales." –Luxury Men’s Clothing Store
"We have been thrilled to work with SSI since 2012. We send out two punch-out gift card mailers per year to 5000 customers. The promotion continues to be successful with redemption rates between 4.5 and 6.5%, or between 250-300 customers walking in our door during the month's timeframe, directly in response to this mailer. SSI is great to work with, provides a consistent quality product, and has reduced the production timeline to just a ...

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Why The Most Successful Companies Use SSI

For over 50 years, SSI has pioneered plastic cards. We produce very affordable and high quality plastic cards. Large companies, small chains and individual operators trust SSI, the market leader in printed plastic Gift Cards, Loyalty/Reward Cards and Plastic Direct Mail Postcards. We deliver cards that work! We deliver results!




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