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Meet the Acclaim10

The Acclaim10 is an innovative direct mail product designed to maximize ROI at an affordable cost. Its patent-pending design features ten perforated detachable mini-cards for up to 10 incentives or coupon offers, to give you the best bang for your marketing buck!

The Acclaim10 premium laminated self-mailer provides an innovative and cost-effective way to leverage a single mailing for maximum results. Its unique patent-pending design includes ten break-out cards for up to 10 coupons or incentives and space on the inside of the piece for personalized messaging.

Acclaim10 Laminated Self-Mailer Features & Benefits

  • Ten preforated break-out cards for incentives or coupon offers
  • Premium laminated self-mailer
  • Folds into a standard jumbo-size postcard
  • Space available on the inside for personalized messaging
  • Optional barcode for redemption tracking available
  • Ideal for restaurants (pizza, fast-food), grocery and convenience stores, auto service and repair, home improvement, and all things retail

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