Introducing NVIO™
eco-Friendly cards

If you’ve been hesitant to invest in plastic postcards for your direct mail marketing because of concerns about damage to the environment, SSI Cards has the solution for you. Our commitment to innovation and desire to meet the needs of customers led us to develop NVIO™. With this proprietary technology, we can produce a more eco-friendly laminated card.

Cards manufactured with NVIO™ not only have the same durable finish and visual appeal our cards are known for but once discarded and in a landfill environment, they begin to break down as they come in contact with heat, oxygen, and microorganisms.*

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The Science Behind NVIO™

Ingredients in the organic additives used to treat NVIO™ laminate allow the formation of a biofilm coating on the plastic film. The biofilm is made up of colonies of microorganisms that penetrate the plastic and send out a chemical signal to attract other microbes found in nature. Together, they feast on the polymer chains, breaking down the chemical bonds. This results in a rapid acceleration of the biodegradation* process when compared to untreated plastic material.

*Biodegradation rates of NVIO™ laminate was measured according to the ASTM D5511 test method. Tests were conducted using 20% to 30% solids content; solids content in naturally wetter landfills range from 55% to 65%, while the driest landfills may reach 93%. Actual biodegradation rates will vary in biologically-active landfills depending on temperature, solid content, and moisture levels of the landfill.

Benefits of NVIO™ made cards

  • Same durable finish and visual appeal our laminated cards are known for
  • Begins to break down in a landfill once it comes into contact with heat, oxygen and microorganisms*

*Actual bio-degradation rates will vary in biologically active landfills depending on temperature, solid content and moisture levels of the landfill.

Make NVIO™ part of your green journey and get one step closer to a greener world!

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