Up Close and Personal: Why Personalized Direct Mail is Best

Simple illsutration of the effect of personalized direct mail.

So they can say it really does have their name on it

As both a consumer and a business owner, you are in a very unique position to see first-hand how marketing can be received. That means you know that telemarketing and impersonal, cheap, flimsy ads won’t always catch the attention they were designed to, nor generate the interest your business deserves. Since you know what won’t work, how do you find what will?

We’ve mentioned how beneficial direct mail marketing can be for a business of any size: the statistics just don’t lie. Ads on social platforms, as well as a strong social media presence, can also help reach potential new customers. But having the perfect platform is only half the battle.

Devilish Details

According to Janrain’s 2013 National Consumer Experience Poll, nearly 75% of respondents expressed frustration at content that doesn’t recognize them or their interests. Whether that is through direct mail, email, or website marketing, one thing is the same across the board: it gets ignored.

The same study also revealed that marketers who take the time to personalize their marketing efforts see, on average, a 19% increase in sales. While that statistic alone is enough to have most business owners jumping on board, it isn’t quite so easy. The most drastic numbers the study provided surrounded how businesses tend to struggle with personalization: 40% said they couldn’t poll data quickly enough, 39% said there wasn’t enough data to use, and 38% said that the data they found was inaccurate.

Although now we know what struggles we’re up against, it’s important to keep your consumer habits handy. The study revealed that most consumers, although they want a personalized experience, are hesitant to provide information. The catch? They want to be in control by being able to limit what information they provide, and also knowing how that information is going to be used by the business.

Where to Begin?

Knowing what you’re up against is crucial when it comes to marketing. In this 2014 article, Forbes chronicles tales of businesses like Smart Furniture and Stitch Fix who found a way to appease both the business and the consumers by inventing their own tools to track and personalize data. Others, like Janrain, stuck to ol’ faithful: the survey.

Once you get an idea of just whom your consumers are, start adding in touches of personalization with your marketing. Instead of printing generic mailers addressed to “current resident,” print their name on the flyer: “We’ve been waiting for YOU, Bob!”

Other successful personalization techniques is offering—and listening—to customer feedback. If your website or direct mailers are an eyesore, they will be sure to let you know. From there, you can alter the color scheme, or choose a more diverse cast for your commercials—whatever you (and your consumer) desires!

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