Custom Gift Cards

Gift Cards Mean More Revenue

custom cardOur custom plastic gift cards are the premier alternative to the old paper gift certificates, communicating that your program, and their gift, are not an afterthought. If you haven’t started your gift card program, SSI is where you want to start.

Custom plastic gift cards eliminate the need for packaging, putting them in immediate view of the customer, and more visually appealing.

Why discontinue the retailer benefit, or give back cash on gift certificates, when friends and relatives can add value to an existing card? Our magnetically striped gift cards allow recharging.

Fraud and customer loss become a thing of the past with database driven card tracking. Our gift cards can be integrated with your internal systems to provide details on outstanding balances and debits for escheatment compliance, contributing to maximized profit.

Plastic gift card products manufactured by SSI Technologies are the most durable on the market today. Our cards are made from a Teslin substrate which is then laminated, producing a durable, flexible product that will more than stand up to wear and tear. Because of our unique, durable design, our gift cards come with a 5 year guarantee against tearing and breaking.


• Durable 30 mil layered plastic material
• Thick laminate over print
• In-line variable imaging
• High quality commercial print
• Complete fulfillment
• Quantities of 500 up to a million +
• Quick turn times


• Durable plastic card withstand wear and tear
• Unique design stands out
• Variable graphics allow for a 1 to 1 marketing promotion
• Detachable card can be used as a tracking device


• Membership card mailer
• Product promotion
• Calendar promotion
• Service contact card mailer
• School fundraiser mailer
• Emergency notification card
• Insurance cards
• Store moving notifications
• Warranty cards
• Referral cards

Download Custom Card Templates

Please follow the guidelines specified on the Design File Preparation Guide and use one of the appropriate templates below. Each template package includes Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign files.*

Design File Preparation Guide

*Contact SSI for custom postcard design specifications.


    Transform your business with product combos that garner Mammoth ROI.

    SSI Cards offers an array of products designed to work together, build brand recognition, and grow your business. While a gift card program on its own can be successful, using it in combination with the Acclaim Mailer will get more customers in the door, buying more, and coming back. That equals Mammoth ROI.