Plastic Post Card Acclaim Mailer at the Pink Parrot

Plastic Post Card mailer at the Pink Parrot. It’s a single location restaurant that serves burgers, salads, pizza and street tacos. They have a full service bar and are open 7 days a week. They were interested in a promotional piece to advertise their grand opening.

SSI created and mailed 5,000 of our standard Acclaim Mailer Plastic Post Card direct mail pieces. These laminated postcards were mailed to homes within a 3 mile radius with specific age and income demographics. The postcard had 2 detachable gift card offers, a Free Appetizer with one entree purchase and a Buy One Get One entree offer.

The first Friday and Saturday following the mailing of the cards, over 1,200 cards were redeemed with 95% being the Buy One Get One offer. Patrons redeeming were predominately tables of 4 or more. The restaurant also saw a higher per person average expenditure with the card and increased alcohol sales. These first two nights saw a redemption of nearly 25%. The DMA reports that the national average redemption for direct mail is less than 1%.

General Manager, Kevin C. said, “The unique nature of the card was the reason the new guests were coming in. Most of the new customers didn’t know the business even existed and vowed to return.” That’s the power of the Acclaim Mailer: recognition and redemption!

Pink Parrot is very happy and excited to move forward with their next mailer.