Direct Mail Plastic Post Cards with Swedish Solutions – Auto Mechanic

Direct Mail Plastic Post Cards with Swedish Solutions – Auto Mechanic

Bottom line. You and your team are a pleasure to work with. The media type which you provide is unique and sticks out from every other type of advertising. It is a mailer of such high quality that the recipient wants to retain it simply because it looks and feels so fine. Both of our businesses saw an instant increase in telephone appointments, and customers walking in with the mailer in hand.

Even after 2 month’s have past, people are still walking in with the expired direct mail piece in hand hoping to redeem the offer. This means the recipient of the advertisement retained the SSI produced mailer in their possession for months! The weeks after our first advertisement with SSI, both shops  saw a significant increase in new clients, appointments and sales.

Working with the staff of SSI is truly a pleasure, all of you are incredibly helpful. – Dan Schindler

We got a tremendous response from the direct mail. It’s obvious by the comments we’ve received that our customers really liked them and paid more attention to them.  Seems that the plastic mailer isn’t a piece of junk mail that they throw out immediately but rather save it for future use.   

I would recommend SSI cards to any advertiser that wants to get a potential customer’s attention. – Vickie Beach

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