Get More Customers Now!

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If you use one vendor for gift cards, another for direct mail, and yet another for loyalty cards, then you could be wasting a lot of valuable time and resources. Juggling vendors, managing multiple orders, and a less than efficient inventory all add up. What if you could save time, money, and resources by combining these products into multi-product assortments that meet your needs? The answer is you can!

SSI Cards is your one-stop-shop for loyalty cards, gift cards, and direct mail postcards.

Streamline your marketing efforts with SSI Cards as your single source solution for direct mail postcards, loyalty cards and/or key tags, as well as gift cards. Taking advantage of our Two-Product Combos and Three-Product Bundles gets an array of products designed to work together, builds brand recognition, and grows your business. Period.

Maximum overall best value

The quantities of each product do not have to be equal (50,000 mailers can be combined with 10,000 gift cards, for instance). We also include postage, commingling, two drop shipments*, two residential mailing lists*, art & data proofing, and POS processing if needed, at no extra charge to you!

Benefits to you

  • Overall savings by leveraging volume
  • Ease of ordering and fulfillment
  • Less paperwork (one purchase order / one invoice)
  • Consistency of product quality
  • Quicker delivery

*Two drop shipments and residential lists included in Premium Bundles only. Deluxe Bundles and Two-Product Combos include 1 drop shipment and 1 residential list.