Consolidation Brings Big Benefits to Direct Marketing

Multi-purpose mailers raise response, lower costs

Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

How many hands are in your direct marketing pot? Do you use one printer for direct mail and another for gift cards? Maybe even a third one for your loyalty program?

This isn’t uncommon in companies that assign responsibility for each of these functions to different departments, and it can result in a hodge-podge of different vendors, priorities, and budgets.

Integrating these functions results in a more focused, consistent, and economical approach to the various disciplines of direct marketing with a more efficient outreach to new, existing, and prospective customers.

Target Three Markets with a Single Mailing

Multi-purpose mailers let you aim at three targets at once.

The message of the mailer is how people benefit by choosing your company—the principal goal of direct marketing. But when it also includes a loyalty card and a gift card, you add the benefits of those promotions without the added expense of separate campaigns.

The recipient sees not only the reasosn to buy from you but also how to leverage their purchasing power through a loyalty program and how to extend the benefits you offer with a ready-to-use gift card. All with a single mail piece. Make it easy for them and they’ll reward you with business and loyalty.

Combination Mailers Create Marketing Synergy at Little or No Extra Cost

A single-piece combination mailer works like this:

  1. The recipient is convinced to buy from you—the mailer’s prime objective
  2. They see the benefits of repeat purchasing –the loyalty program’s enrollment card is right there
  3. They load and give the gift card for a special occasion—extending your marketing reach
  4. The gift card recipient uses it and you have another new customer
  5. You add the new customer to your pre-qualified marketing base
  6. That person repeats the cycle, adding more revenue with little extra investment on your part

Combination Mailers Add Efficiency While Lowering Costs

Direct Mail Marketing USA

Combination mailers not only create a highly efficient, self-perpetuating buying cycle, they save promotion costs by single-sourcing marketing materials for multiple purposes.

No longer are your various marketing materials spread among different vendors, allowing greater efficiency in procurement. And by sending a single piece, you save a ton on mailing costs.

Single Sourcing Adds Buying Power

When you use the same vendor for all your direct marketing programs, you get the advantage of volume purchasing with the discounts and benefits it brings.

A single source partnership has many advantages, including:

  • No double (or triple) data entry, ordering, receiving, and payment processing
  • Cost savings in consistency and quality of product with fewer vendors deal with
  • Smaller, more frequent deliveries for lower inventory costs
  • Better quality and inventory control with smaller, more manageable shipments

Simply put, you save both time and money by combining these products into a single piece…and create marketing synergy in the process.

For example, SSI Cardsproduces a wide variety of innovative American-made direct marketing products including 2-product and 3-product Deluxe and Premium Bundles as direct mailers that incorporate gift cards and loyalty cards/key tags in a single piece. They also offer in-house design, database management, and mailing list services for a turn-key solution to direct marketing for businesses of all sizes.

Want more information on how Combination Mailers can save you money while growing your business? Just click here and an SSI Cards marketing expert will be happy to discuss your individual needs and give you a quote to get the power of bundled marketing working for you.