Are Delivery Fees Cutting into Your Profits?

Third-party food delivery service apps offer restaurants an easy way to build sales and grow brand value, but the hefty fees and commissions charged (an average of 30-40% of every order ) can quickly eat away at your profits.

Something can be said for the value of helping new customers find your restaurant for the first time, the marketing value of getting featured on a delivery service website or being part of an email blast. However, is there a better return on investment and a more cost-effective way to reach new customers? Burning profits through service charges, commission charges, driver fees, marketing charges, and more can quickly add up.

The answer is an absolute Yes! For the average total cost of a food service driver’s fee, the Acclaim affords unmatched ROI. Redemptions regularly hit upwards of 20%. In contrast, the typical postcards everyone sees in their mailboxes typically gather an “acceptable” 1% redemption rate.

By signing up for SSI Cards subscription-based AcclaimWeekly, a steady stream of business can be secured on your schedule (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly). The features are scalable, flexible, and best of all, affordable.

For as little as $125 a week/every 2 weeks/every month, you can get 15-25 new customers. That’s an average of $5 to $8 per customer. You would keep an average of $42 to $45 on a $50 order. With a 3rd party food service, a 20% commission is taken, a $5 to $8 delivery fee, a $.99 marketing fee, at minimum.