Personal Note Gift Cards!

Make gift cards exciting again! Personal Note Gift Cards combine the
usefulness of a gift card with the personalization of a greeting card.

Generic gift cards, while appreciated, can seem like an afterthought. Personal Note Gift Cards offer an innovative and effective way to add a thoughtful and personally hand-written messages lending a timelesstouch to a modern and versatile gift.

About SSI Technologies Personal Note Gift Cards 

  • Promotes a more intimate and personal gifting experience.
  • Greeting Card + Gift Card in One!
  • Manufactured with state of the art equipment from names like HP, Indigo, and Heidelberg.
  • Vibrant color front, copious writing area back
  • Lithographic print quality to illuminate meticulous design
  • No envelope = Less shelf space required
  • Excellent for birthdays, holidays, Father's/Mother's Day or any special occasion!

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