Take it from our customers – SSI plastic card products perform. Whatever your industry and marketing goal, the unique beauty of our products bring new customers, and keeps them coming back.



Women’s Retail Chain with 770 stores acquired a list of consumers outside their database of current customers. We mailed 437,000 postcards in and had a 12% response rate! They have been doing monthly mailings of approximately 90,000 since.  Their average response rate is consistently always 10 to 15%.



We sent the Acclaim Mailer to our top 2,000 customers in each of our stores.  Redemptions hit the double-digits, 11.62% and revenue was over $182,000.00 WOW!  Many of those customers would have probably come in and shopped, but I believe our postcard enticed them to spend more!  Overall I am really pleased with the results of the card!


“Yes, it was a great promotion.  We had a 15.53% response rate which was up 2% from last year mailer which was for the same offer.   The net profit per piece was also great with a great lift compared to last year.   Looking forward to doing more of these.”                                                              – marketing manager for large clothing chain


A Mexican restaurant chain with 13 locations in Texas is seeing huge success with our Acclaim Mailer.  We mailed 60,000 pieces and they reported 18% response (10,800 customers) with an average ticket sale of $20.00 after the discount was applied. This postcard generated $216,000.00 in top line sales on an $18,600.00 investment in less than a month.  Can you say ROI!! This customer has placed multiple orders since.



A high end restaurant and bar in Pennsylvania has also seen great success. We mailed an Acclaim postcard for two of our six stores and received response rate of over 21%.  We mailed 95,000 Acclaim postcards within a 5 mile radius of the 2 stores, their gross revenue directly attributable to the Acclaim, even after the discount, was over $950,000. Their next order of 55,000 postcards for two more locations was equally successful.

Thanks to this campaign, these 4 restaurants increased their weekly average sales from $65,000 to more than $100,000.  One store alone accounted for a jump to $400m for the month. Below are additional results for this customer:

Customer reports 24% redemption rate, plus average check has increased by $6, estimated increase in profit per store is $118,000.

New store opened in Delaware, 25000 pieces sent. Customer reported continued success around 30% mark, new location is a success, current campaign mailing to 75,000 customers around the new Delaware location.  265,000 pieces planned for March campaign.

At the Austin location, the 1st part of the mailer campaign we had a redemption of 17.9% on the $25 min purchase mailers with a $50.56 per check average.  The small sample of the $40 min (5000) had a 9.3% redemption but a check average of $61.07. Spring 2012 campaign had a redemption of 40% for $50 discount cards and 28% on $25 cards, average check was $54.09, 266,571 pieces mailed.

1 location mailed 20000 pieces, 4 drops over 4 weeks, overall redemption percentage was 32.7%. Notables within the campaign, week 2 saw over 41% redemption. Next focus is a mailer to only the 32.7% to see how those customers, proven susceptible to the campaign, will redeem.

“I am blown away by the classy/upscale presentation of the acclaim mailer. It is far superior marketing piece than the typical paper mailer and anything else I have seen.

As a regional company we are able to produce and distribute marketing pieces that match or exceed the quality and look of our national competitors at amazingly affordable prices.

The look and feel of the acclaim mailer has made our marketing pieces stand out from the many average marketing pieces sent to our customers. Our weekly redemption rates are averaging double that of a similar offer in a paper mailer from a year ago.”

-Marketing Director.



National Sports Restaurant Chain (Chile’s, TGI Fridays style) with 125 locations. This restaurant chain has mailed over a million postcards and has consistently received a better than 10% response rate.



100 locations, first mailing of 155,000 during hurricane, had 11% redemption plus 17,000 signed up for loyalty program.



60 locations, high end restaurant offered $25 incentive with over 10% redemption.

My Company and I used the SSI Acclaim mailer and we saw an amazing return on investment.  In an economy like the one we are living in, we were looking for a direct mail piece that gave the impression of casual upscale dining without looking like a cheap coupon.  The value was picked up in the offer and the reputation of our restaurant was carried through the look of the mailer. The piece was beautifully done and sent out in an appropriate and timely manner.  I had great customer service while ordering the mailer and both parties stayed on course to hit our deadline.  When I choose to do another mail piece, I will not hesitate to return to SSI again.

-Restaurants Marketing Coordinator

(The total number redeemed was 8,057 for an additional revenue of almost $150,000)



1 location in Northeastern US.  5000 pieces mailed  “When the campaign was finished the final redemption percentage was an outstanding 17%.  This was our first mailing! We now planning our next three mailings.”

For less than $1 they brought in $15 per customer redeeming the card, also $40,000 estimated profit so far directly attributed to the Acclaim Mailer.



Co-branded five restaurants for 27% redemption rate in March. Another order is currently in process.



Working with SSI has been a very pleasurable experience. My rep was very prompt and knowledgeable about the product. They have also had quick turn times when I needed. I will buy from SSI on any day of the week that ends in Y!! Jennifer Hutchings



150 locations. Seven mailings with average’s between 10-16% redemption. Tremendous ROI!



170,000 mailing for incoming convention. Special offer included free appetizer and free chips valued at $5.00.  They achieved a 17% redemption rate.



100,000 mailing with 13% redemption for initial mailing.  Fourth order in-house for 125,000.



Tammy and Brian have been outstanding to work with. SSI produces a great quality gift card. We can count on them to be on time and accurate.



Smiling Expressions

We mailed 30,000 cards. Our cards had 2 different offers on them. One offer was $500 off Implants and Wisdom Extractions the other offer was $1500 off Invisalign Braces On the first day the post cards hit homes we had 7 calls. Overall 60 cards have been redeemed the first 2 weeks of the campaign which we typically only get maybe 15 redeemed when we do a paper postcard. We will definitely buy from SSI again.

-Devin Gilliand



Brookshire Grocery

SSI has been a pleasure to work with. SSI produces our combination loyalty cards. They have produced more than 200,000 cards for us. We have been extremely satisfied with the customer service that we have received.

-Ryan Ford



Mailed 25,000 cards. 2 offers on cards were $5 off $15 and $10 off $20. We had 3289 cards redeemed, a 13% redemption rate! We have already placed our next order.




We mailed 20,000 cards per month for 5 months. The offer was to encourage people to sign up for our Rewards Program. We averaged 50% redemption each month for our rewards program sign-up. We will purchase more cards in the future.

-Terri Mcnutt



Mailed 3 mailings of 100,000 cards. Tested 8 stores. Received 10% redemption on cards with offer of $10 off on $35 purchase.

We saw more than 30,000 cards redeemed. More than 1,000,000 directly attributed to the Acclaim Mailer. Currently planning for additional mailers.



Mailed 5,000 Acclaim Postcards. Card offer was $30 off purchase of $100. ROI was 700%.



Mailed 5,000 Acclaim Postcards. Card offer was $50 off $150 purchase. Redemption rate was 18%. Less than $4,000 investment generated more than $90,000 additional sales revenue.



Pie 5

Mailed 10,000 Acclaim postcards. Received 12% redemption rate. We will plan on mailing these cards with each new store opening and for poor performing stores.



Pizza 9

Mailed 10,000 Postcards. 11% redemption.



Mailed 2,700 cards. Redemption rate of 6%. Huge Success! Planning additional mailers.



Mailed 5,000 Acclaim Postcards. Received 12% redemptions.



Mailed 15,000 Acclaim Mailers. Offers were $28 oil change and $50 discount off service. Redemption rate was 10%. Now planning our next mailing.



SSI produces our Loyalty Cards. We have worked with SSI for many years. We are very happy with the product they provide and the service has been excellent.



Mailed 5,000 postcards as test around 3 of our stores. We were thrilled with the results. The offers on our cards were $5 off $16 or $10 off $25. 1644 cards were redeemed, that’s 11%. We are planning additional mailings for some of our other stores.



We mailed 7500 Acclaim Postcards. ROI was over 100%.

The meat house had their best month in the 3 years they have been in business.

As an advertising and marketing consultant I set high expectations for the campaigns I run on behalf of my clients; they have to be trackable and effective. Mark Meadors and his team never fall short! Not only are my campaigns managed effectively, but the results are undeniable. In fact, one of my clients paid for their campaign just days after launching it; a result that will keep me coming back to SSI for a long time.

Kudos to Mark and his team.

-Sean R. Conrad, President / RadVine Strategies, LLC

National pizza chain’s Webster NY location mailed 9000 pieces specific to their location, 8 week campaign and an average of 475 per week in redemption, gave them a 42% redemption.   The final day saw 197 pieces redeemed.



“our relationship has been all good on my end, if you ever need another reference I am happy to provide”

-Head of Loyalty

1.1 mm custom loyalty cards per year one location, restaurant, Delaware, for the 1st part of the mailer campaign we had a redemption of 17.9% on the $25 min purchase mailers with a $50.56 per check average.  The small sample of the $40 min (5000) had a 9.3% redemption but a check average of $61.07. Spring campaign had a redemption of 40% for $50 discount cards and 28% on $25 cards, average check was $54.09, 266,571 pieces mailed.


“I received the shipment of cards today, they are perfect. Easy ordering process. Our order arrived correctly, in a timely manner. The SSI staff is easy to work with.”