Tanning, Spa And Massage

Plastic Postcards for Tanning and Spa Services


When you own a salon or spa, the more clients you have to pamper the more you can grow your business. Plastic postcards for tanning and spa are an excellent way to introduce people to your services and generate a steady flow of new, repeat and referral business.

What will bring them in the door and calling for appointments?

The Acclaim Mailer plastic postcard. These cards stand out distinctly in the mailbox and there’s plenty of room to show:

Colorful yet soothing images
The benefits of choosing your salon or spa
At least a partial list of your services and associated pricing
Your special offer(s)
Locator map
Contact information

Combined with the right layout and design, these elements ensure you’ll get the greatest response rate and highest ROI for your postcard marketing. Mailing to residents near your facility once a month provides ongoing brand reinforcement and ensures your name and number are right at hand when your prospect is ready to call.