Plastic Postcard Marketing for Retailers

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Local retailers love local customers. The more shoppers you bring in the door, the faster you can grow your business. Plastic Postcards for retail are an outstanding way to introduce people to your store and generate a steady flow of new and repeat customers.

What will bring them in the door?

The plastic Acclaim Mailer will deliver customers
because they’re big and bold in the mailbox and there’s plenty of room to show:

Tempting images of your merchandise and your store
Benefits of buying your products
Benefits of buying from you
Your special offer(s)
Locator map
Contact information

Used with the best mailing list and design, these elements ensure you’ll get the greatest response rate and highest ROI for your postcard marketing. For best results, do a marketing campaign with two or three mailings that feature a special offer on your hottest current merchandise. Choose a residential mailing list to reach all households, or a targeted consumer list refined with the selection criteria pertinent to your merchandise and audience.