Plastic Postcard Marketing for Restaurants

burger chef

Restaurant owners and chefs always want more patrons, so you can share your culinary talents with more people and grow your business. Plastic postcards for restaurants can be particularly effective to generate a steady flow of new and repeat customers for every type and size restaurant.

What will bring them in the door and calling for reservations?

The Acclaim Plastic Postcard will.  These cards  stand out best in the mailbox and there’s plenty of room to include:

Mouthwatering images of your food
Tantalizing menu highlights
Details about what makes your restaurant unique
Your special offer(s)
Locator map
Contact information

Combined with the right list and design, these elements ensure the greatest response rate and highest ROI. Mailing to every household in your area every two weeks ensures your postcard is right there the next time your prospect wants to dine out.