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Plastic Postcard Marketing for Real Estate

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Anyone who’s successful in the real estate industry knows that growing your business means keeping your pipeline filled with potential buyers and sellers. Plastic postcards for real estate, can be particularly effective to generate a steady flow of new clients.

What will have them calling your number?

Smaller postcards – 4 x 6 or 5.5 x 8.5 inches – are proven winners, and they’re economical.
They have plenty of room to display:

Beautiful images of desirable homes, and perhaps of you
Special services you offer
Benefits of working with you instead of the competition
Your track record, especially your most recent results
Your special offer(s) – a free consultation or analysis
Business and professional accreditations
Contact information

Combined with the right layout and design, these elements ensure your postcard marketing will generate the greatest response rate and highest ROI. Mailing to every homeowner in your targeted communities once a month consistently reminds prospects you’re there for them and ensures your name and number are right at hand when they’re ready to make a move.


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