Health And Fitness

Plastic Postcards Get Results


Announce new store openings, Increase membership, Communicate special promotions.         Plastic postcards for health and fitness are your best advertising option. We help customers just like you every day.

Every Direct Mail campaign should include these 3 crucial pieces:

1. Target your BEST prospective customers. If your going to make the investment and send the cards, why not send them to the people that have the highest probability of spending the most with your business. We can help you identify these high value targets.

2.   Your offer needs to be a good one. Don’t waste your time with 10% off. Be aggressive and upsell them once you have them in the store.

3. Quality design is also very important to your cards success. We have a team of designers that are great at what they do and they love working with our customers on design ideas.

Inviting images of your facility and healthy patrons
Details about your services, products and amenities
Benefits of choosing your facility
Your special offer(s) – a free trial membership or discounted initiation fees work well
Business and professional accreditations
Locator map
Contact information

If you consider all the above variables you will probably have some success with any Postcard you send, but when you make it a Plastic Postcards your results will be much greater than any other direct mail you could have chosen. Contact us today!



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