Acclaim Plastic Postcard Direct Mailer for Retail

Why do our customers experience higher than normal Return On Investment with SSI’s Acclaim Plastic Postcard Mailer?


The response rates are much better than other types of consumer targeting through a few simple processes, beginning with how data is applied.  It is essential to customers’ campaigns to reach the right people at the right time, and with the right offer.

Consumers , without fail, respond more favorably to personalized and relevant offers.  We have the technology to zero in on the needed target… “Phil, we haven’t seen you since March and we’d love to have you back!”

By using the Acclaim Direct Mailer’s unique format, you grab the recipient’s attention, thereby creating a greater attraction to the offer.

A recent example is a new customer in the Midwest (who has already had success with other direct mail products) made the decision to send the Acclaim Mailer to her list of previous customers the past couple of years.  With our focused Demographics study, the first step in our process, we found the previous mailing contained 20% wasted postage.  20% and they had no idea there was that much waste in their list!

By studying the customers who purchased from her store in her last targeted mailing, we were able to identify a more focused target.

Results?  6521 pieces direct mailed, 77 redeem, 1.2% in the First Week.  Not bad for a clothing store.  The offer was $25 off a $100 purchase for a single store.  Most importantly, we identified every customer’s name, address, and their demographics to ensure we have current data for future targeted marketing.

We help our customers identify trends and success spots among the redemption’s in order to create more clones of those customers in future direct mailings.  The result over time is a highly efficient mailing list that is susceptible to your offers!

There is a reason why a very large percentage of our new customers use us for multiple direct mailings.  The Acclaim Mailer works and it works well.


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