Direct Mail ROI Boost to 770 Location Women’s Clothing Store

For a focused Direct Mail campaign, a Retail Chain with 770 stores acquired a list of consumers outside their database of current customers. SSI mailed 437,000 postcards in and had a 10% response rate, creating a remarkable Return on Investment with an SSI Technologies Acclaim Mailer.

They had 43,000 redeems with a list they had never marketed to before. And they were able to move those redeems into their marketing program!

They have been doing monthly mailings of approximately 90,000 since. Their average response rate is consistently always 10 to 15%.

What IS the Acclaim Mailer?

Simply put, the Acclaim Mailer is a laminated postcard. More importantly, it is a conduit that unlocks the potential of your direct mail program.

The Acclaim comes in a number of different designs, thicknesses and sizes.  Our most common is the Standard Acclaim which is 4.25 x 5.625 and is 28 mil in thickness, about as thick as a credit card.

More distinct than what other consumers see daily, the Acclaim makes an immediate impact straight out of the mailbox. The average American is exposed to anywhere from 247 (Consumer Reports) to 3,000 (Union of Concerned Scientists) advertising messages per day. You must stand out from junk mail!

The Acclaim Mailer exudes an image of quality and perceived value.  Unlike junk mail, Acclaim ROI exceeds costs and creates a value that is unmatched.  Targeting your BEST potential customers is the goal. Age, gender, income, geography, home value, family status, lifestyles and interests are some of the common filters we use to assure the success of our customers mailings.  SSI will help you put that data together and/or use your existing list to create your mailing.

Our customers understand the value of getting consumers in their door. Remember, we are targeting your best potential customers. Unlike Groupon and other discount programs, we want our customers to be aggressive with their offers, yet never so aggressive that they are not making money. Consequently, most of our customers see their average ticket increase with the use of our cards.

Discuss Direct Mail Campaign strategies with your SSI consultant


  • What will be the offers on your Acclaim postcard? We want you to be aggressive and give your new customers incentive to come to your store, but we also want you to have a great ROI when your campaign is done.
  • Who will you send the Acclaim cards to? Remember, we want to target your BEST potential customer. We want to help you identify the customer that is more likely to spend $100 instead of $50 and let’s target that customer. Example: If your business sells children’s clothing, let’s target homes that have families with multiple children, not just families. If you only target families than you will also get families with only 1 child, and although they can be a good customer for you, they most likely won’t be your BEST customer. Obviously families with multiple children will spend more money on clothing.
  • Design your Acclaim postcard. We have a staff of very talented designers that can work with you on the design of you card. Plus, our consultants have seen thousands of cards over the years. We know a good design when we see one. We will give you whatever help you need to develop a great design for you card.

Want some new ideas and tips to improve your direct mail, loyalty, and gift card programs? I can help with that!