Chatterbox Multi Media

I wanted to let you know the jumbo postcard that mailed last week is getting fantastic response. So I’m hoping to add a few more of those to my client’s plan hopefully this year. – Kim Boyd

Lousiana Restaurant Owner

Nothing we have done in the past has brought in the number of people that this postcard did. We mailed 10,000 postcards and in the first week have received approx.. 1,100 coupons back at our stores. These plastic postcards have worked great for us. We will do them again.

Swedish Solutions – Auto Mechanic

Bottom line. You and your team are a pleasure to work with. The media type which you provide is unique and sticks out from every other type of advertising. It is a mailer of such high quality that the recipiant wants to retain it simply because it looks and feels so fine. Both of our businesses saw an instant increase …

Pink Parrot

Pink Parrot is a single location restaurant that serves burgers, salads, pizza and street tacos. They have a full service bar and are open 7 days a week. They were interested in a promotional piece to advertise their grand opening. SSI created and mailed 5,000 of our standard Acclaim Mailer direct mail pieces. These laminated postcards were mailed to homes …

Mexican Restaurant Chain

A Mexican restaurant chain with 13 locations in Texas is seeing huge success with our Acclaim Mailer.  We mailed 60,000 pieces and they reported 18% response (10,800 customers) with an average ticket sale of $20.00 after the discount was applied. This postcard generated $216,000.00 in top line sales on an $18,600.00 investment in less than a month.  Can you say ROI!! This …

National Sports Theme Restaurant Chain

National Sports Restaurant Chain (Chili’s, TGI Fridays style) with 125 locations. This restaurant chain has mailed over a million postcards and has consistently received a better than 10% response rate.

Women’s Clothing

Women’s Retail Chain with 770 stores acquired a list of consumers outside their database of current customers. We mailed 437,000 postcards in and had a 12% response rate! They have been doing monthly mailings of approximately 90,000 since.  Their average response rate is consistently always 10 to 15%.

Dental Office

We mailed 30,000 cards. Our cards had 2 different offers on them. One offer was $500 off Implants and Wisdom Extractions the other offer was $1500 off Invisalign Braces On the first day the post cards hit homes we had 7 calls. Overall 60 cards have been redeemed the first 2 weeks of the campaign which we typically only get maybe 15 …